Solving Waste Management Problems For Every Business

Blue Marble Recycling knows waste management is important to your company, but not as important as your primary goals. That's where we come in, alleviating your commitment to reducing landfill by leveraging our expertise.

About Blue Marble

Blue Marble Recycling is a full-service industrial recycling management company, specializing in all recycling byproducts, eliminating outdated heavy equipment from your work sites, providing product and paper destruction and removing hazardous waste.

We view recycling as a tool for reducing dependency on landfills and replenishing resources such as paper, cardboard, metals, and plastics with re-used materials.

Zero Waste Policy

We strive to defer as much waste as possible from going into landfills. Our goal is to move our client companies toward zero waste.

Recycle Industrial Waste

We minimize usage of internal resources by recycling industrial waste, scrapping old equipment and cleaning up hazardous materials.

All-Round Waste Management

We worry about your waste, so you can focus on bigger things. We aim to be your one-stop shop for all your waste management needs.

Contact Us if you have any questions or to schedule us to come out and review your waste management needs.

Waste is now a resource

you’re throwing away money when one phone call could create a whole new income stream for your business

Benefit Of The Blue Marble Way


  • 24-hour turnaround guaranteed for all pickups
  • Certified weight tickets for all pickups
  • Customer Portal to see all pick-ups, scheduled payments, and recycled tonnage
  • A tree planted in your company name every time we do a pickup. If we do 5 pickups a month that’s 60 trees a year planted in your company name!
  • Your company is automatically added to the EPA Waste Wise Program and can be eligible for EPA Awards for recycling and zero waste commitment
  • Total waste analysis to see where your business can save money

Services We Offer

We are a full-service waste disposal company. That means we’re your one-stop shop for all recycling and disposal needs. If you don’t need it and it takes up space, we take it away.

Recycling Service


Hazardous Waste Removal

Hazardous Waste Removal

Equipment And Materials Removal

Equipment And Materials Removal

Zero Waste Consultation

Zero Waste Consultation



Do you have old & broken equipment taking up valuable floor space?

Contact us and we’ll come and purchase your old equipment

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